Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the NWA Pony Express?

A: We are a Premier Mustang club. We organize car meets, cruises, and other fun events for our members! We also host and participate in public events to benefit various local charities including the Arkansas Children's Hospital.  

Q: How can i become a member?

A: Just own a Mustang and live in or around Northwest Arkansas.  All member events are announced through our Facebook page.  Just look up NWA Pony Express on Facebook and ask to join.

Q: Are events only for members?

A: No, while we do have members only events announced on our Facebook page we also host and attend various events that benefit local charities.  Check out our events page for more information.

Q: If i donate where does my money go?

A: 100 percent of the money donated either through a cash donation or a charity event goes to charity unless otherwise stated (if we're working with another organization or business). No members or admins receives any pay or compensation and all events are volunteer based.


Q: Are there any membership fees or dues?

A: No.  NWAPE was formed for mustang lovers to get together and have a good time, not to make money.  All work involved including organizing cruises, car meets, and the participation of events to benefit local charities is all volunteer based and is ran by our admins and several key members.


Q: Are members required to attend a certain number of meets/events?

A: No. Join in on the events that you want to attend. We realize that most people have family and jobs. Join in as much or as little as you want.


Q: Do I have to put the club decal on my car?

A: It's your car. If you would like, we have a decal that can be customized (colors and size) to your liking. We have a deal with Digital Art for them to make our decals at a great price, usually ready within an hour. If decals aren't your taste, they also make metal license plate frames. If you don't want to display the logo, you don't have to. Once again, it's your car.

Q: I saw you had an online store with NWAPE products, where did it go?

A: We have an online store that sells shirts, hats, sweaters, and other products with the NWA Pony Express logo on them, but due to the huge amount of work involved with it we only open it a few times a year.  Doing it this way allows new and existing members to buy these products but keeps our admins free to plan other things for the group and our communities.

Q: Does NWA Pony Express make money off of the online store?

A: No, NWA Pony Express, its members, nor its admins make any money off of any events including the online store, besides paypals fees any money from the online store after the purchase of the actual product is donated.


Q: What kind of things does the group do?

A: We love to arrange planned cruises through the beautiful hills of the Ozarks. We roll in together to car shows, Cars & Coffee meets, have regular nights at local restaurants and have spontaneous meet ups as well. Some of our members enjoy going to the track or joining in on rally's. We also have fundraisers for charity.


Q: What charity do you support?

A: The Arkansas Children's Hospital is our main charity. We also attend car shows that are formed to benefit a cause.

Q: We have an event we'd like to invite NWAPE, how do we contact you?

A: Go to our contact page or email us at nwaponyexpressweb@gmail.com.

Q: Do Members recieve any discounts? Where?

A: Yes, as a member NWAPE has several discounts online and around NWA.  All discounts are located on our members only Facebook page.