Club Rules and Policies

Please read our club rules below!


This group was formed for all Mustang owners. We don’t care who you are or what kind of Mustang you own. We welcome all years, all engines and all styles from Super Snakes to the most basic Pony.

This website is mainly used for public events such as charities.  All member events will be on our Facebook page. 

We have a few rules:

  • This is not a club for bashing or shaming other Mustang owners. Bashers will be removed and blocked from our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Only Mustangs are welcome as members. While we respect all Muscle, Sports and Exotic cars, this group was formed to promote the Ford Mustang. ALL MUSTANGS are welcome. Whether you have a 4 cylinder or 1000 HP under your hood we welcome you. NO ENGINE BASHING.

  • No bashing of other car clubs. We enjoy car enthusiasts no matter what they drive and we have friends who drive all kinds of awesome machines.  

  • Profanity is not tolerated on our site or social media sites. We do not allow posts using inappropriate language or profanity.

  • NO posting of street racing or burnouts in public areas. We know that might be a passion for some of our members but we do not condone or promote illegal activities on our website or social media sites. Posts and videos from the track are welcomed as well as cruises, car shows, and other car meets.

  • Find us on Instagram @nwa_pony_express and on our Facebook page. Feel free to post pictures of your incredible Mustangs on our page and PM us any pictures that you would like to see featured on our Instagram account.

  • Let's keep the conversations and posts family friendly. We have young enthusiasts in our group.

  • If you feel that something isn't handled in a proper manner, please do not post it on our public pages or website.  Either PM Admin members on our Facebook or use our contact page for complaints and/or grievances.

  • Admins reserve the right to block anyone who is disruptive, disrespectful, and those in violation of our club policies and values from our website and social media sites.  If you're blocked and would like to know why or to appeal the decision please make use of our contact page.

This group was formed to fill a void for Mustang Lovers in NW Arkansas and the surrounding areas. We are new and we are growing daily as word spreads. We organize regular cruises on scenic drives, casual cruise-ins and we also organize group events such as meeting up to arrive at local car shows and events together.  We organize and participate in various charity events that support many local charities. Ideas and input are welcomed and encouraged, let us know how we can make NWA Pony Express better!