About Us




Our Mission:

     We were founded to give Mustang owners an opportunity to join in with other Mustang owners in showing, driving and cruising together to promote this iconic car. Our mission is to keep the love for this part of American car history alive and to give back to our communities. We host events to generate funds for the Arkansas Children's Hospital Northwest. We also support events that raise funds for the NWA Women's Shelter, 7-Hills Homeless Shelter and other charities, as well as organize events such as car meets, cruises, and other fun get togethers.  All you need is a Mustang to join so sign up now for great cars and good fun!

We are a premier Mustang club. We don't care who you are or what kind of mustang you own. We welcome all years, all engines, and all styles from super snakes to the most basic pony!

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